“Attending Good Employability Company’s Adviser Skills training was essential for developing our employability and personal development programmes that we deliver to refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. The balanced mix of knowledge and practical skills we gained out of it helped us meet the needs and challenges of our target groups with more clarity and confidence.”

From Saif Ali, who was a UK delegate to the training for advisers of refugees and migrants. Saif was himself a refugee, and is now working in the UK, running an innovative economic and  social integration programme that can be seen at https://integr8uk.org


“For me, the most interesting points were  the participatory process in the teams, and the opinions, participation and experiences of the others.”


“I got many interesting tools and advice for my everyday practice.”


“‘It was one of the best training events in my whole life – I really did enjoy it.”


“I would love to join a future event. It was inspiring and really active. I loved our discussions.”